New study to evaluate scale of toddler vaccinations


vaccination-2722937_960_720 New study to evaluate scale of toddler vaccinations

The health ministry announced on Wednesday it will carry out a study to evaluate the vaccination coverage of toddlers between the ages of 17-24 months.

The methodology of the study was determined by a committee of health ministry officials, following the guidance of World Health Organisation experts who visited the island last August.

A random sample of children aged between 17 and 24 months will be selected from the civil registry, ensuring reliability to the greatest extent possible.

Initially, letters will be sent to the parents or guardians of the chosen children to request their consent for participation in the study.

A short meeting will then be set up where staff of the health visitor services will record what vaccinations the child has been administered, as outlined in the child’s vaccination record booklet.

The study will allow the health ministry to detect and correct any deficiency in its vaccination programme.

The ministry said participation in the study will be strictly confidential and personal data will be secured and used only for the purposes of the study.

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