A buzzing tour


12419097_340998542690405_3194321628374398118_o A buzzing tour

Nature will soon be in full swing, and the start of April promises much natural wonder. One of the best works of art that Mother Nature ever created was the bee, and G.S. Ecophysis Ltd – which offers educational tours in nature – will give us a closer look at this piece of art on Friday.

The whole family can learn everything there is to know about bees on the bee tour that will start at 12pm in the village of Vavla in Larnaca.

The two-hour tour will include a visit to a local bee hive (don’t worry, you will be wearing the special beekeeper’s suit). Then there will be a short lecture about the life of bees, beekeepers’ activities in winter time, and hive products. A visit to a bottling laboratory is next, where the whole process of honey extraction and bottling will be explained. Then the best part of the tour, honey tasting with fresh homemade anari cheese and cinnamon. The organisers will also offer homemade tangerine squash, coffee, and herbal tea with honey to all participants.

At the end of the tour, all participants will have the chance to dye their Easter eggs using natural ingredients.

The tour costs €20 for adults and €12 for children under 12 years old.

Easter Bee Activities and Egg Dying
A bee tour. April 6. G.S. Ecophysis Ltd, Vavla, Larnaca. 12pm-3pm. €20/12. Tel: 99-171405

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