Anti-abortion group sends plastic embryos to MPs


baby-protest-WEB Anti-abortion group sends plastic embryos to MPs

A women’s group which opposes abortions this week sent MPs small plastic embryos through the mail along with graphic images of dead foetuses, as parliament prepares to vote on the issue on Friday.

According to daily Phileleftheros, a group who call themselves Women in Support of Life, sent MPs plastic embryos and literature with photos of dead foetuses after abortions apparently in a bid to sway their opinions.

In the envelope, MPs also found a letter in which the group express their disagreement with the abortion bill, which is to be put to vote at the House plenum on Friday.

Abortions, the group said, violate the inalienable right of every person to life.

It also said that no one, male or female, has the right to decide the killing of another person, “all the more so when it comes to the killing of innocent, defenceless children”.

The group also said that abortion, as an act of violence, is directed against women and jeopardises their physical and mental health. They also said they find a statement in the bill proposal that abortion is their right degrading for women

The group called on MPs to vote against the abortion bill. They also requested personal meetings with the MPs to convey their views.

The bill decriminalising abortion aims to give women the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy under 12 weeks of gestation.

It will also be allowed at 19 weeks if prenatal diagnosis indicates severe abnormality of the foetus and if there is an inherent risk to the pregnant woman’s life or the risk of serious and permanent harm to her physical or mental health. Also, in cases of multiple pregnancy where the gestation of a number of embryos must be terminated.


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