The musicality of art beats in the abstract


Ludmila-Budanov-art-672x1024 The musicality of art beats in the abstract

March will bring with it a solo exhibition that will do what art is supposed to do perfectly, let us into a whole new world of wonder.

This new world full of colour and vibrant images will be there to explore as of Thursday at the Collection Gallery in Limassol. The maker of this world is Ludmila Budanov.

Under the name Sounds of My Soul, the collection brings together bright decorative and very picturesque compositions, which create a lasting impression.

Speaking about her upcoming exhibition and the concept behind it, Budanov said “game and fantasy is important for me in the creative process. I want to imprint movement, inconstancy and trembling. As a professional musician, I project in my art rhythm, tonality, tempo and character. My paintings vibrate like magical sounds of a violin string touched by a bow and as the fluttering of my soul.”

Budanov is a musician by education and an artist by vocation, which is why some call her art colour-sounding work. The colourful disposition of the work reflects the painter’s attitude about life, her positive perception and her willingness to share her joy of living with others. Her figurative images, brush strokes and manner of mixing colours, give her the opportunity to express herself completely.

Budanov’s technique is unique and personal, and it still remains a mystery for many professionals. She is a passionate abstract painter who creates realistic works as well as copies of famous artists. She believes that the task of abstract paintings is not to reproduce reality with photographic precision, but to encourage the flight of fantasy, to let imagination flow, to awaken certain feelings and associations. Bold, bright and unusual works by Budanov are what make this collection, and her work in general, so unique. For any artist, art lover or lover of life, her creations are a real find for modern interior spaces, they speak with a musicality and as an individual entity of art.

The artist graduated from the Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn, Estonia and then went on to study art and design in Moscow, Russia.

The exhibition, which will remain open until March 15, will be inaugurated at 7.30pm on Thursday by Garo Keheyan, President of Pharos Art Foundation. On March 6, the exhibition and the gallery will hold a women’s day related event, and invites all women, and men who are fans of women’s works, to attend.

Sounds of My Soul is held with the support of ART Vesta – art management project, aimed at collectors and professional art market participants, primarily investors, analysts, artists and beauty connoisseurs.

Sounds of My Soul
Solo exhibition by Ludmila Budanov. Opens March 1 at 7.30pm until March 15. The Collection Gallery. 15A Lemesos Avenue, Nicosia. Monday-Saturday: 10am-1pm and 4pm-8pm. Tel: 99-585172

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