An Orchestra – A Warm Embrace


Small-Panel An Orchestra – A Warm Embrace

The Cyprus Symphony Orchestra will continue to tour the island over the rest of November with a concert that will warm hearts and spread awareness.

The six concerts to be presented to six different communities will be jampacked with beloved orchestral works busting with rhythmic vivacity, zest and unforgettable melodies. These include works by Giochino Rossini, Johannes Brahms, Edvard Grieg, Joseph Haydn and Georges Bizet.

Far and beyond its music and artistic activities, the contribution of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra extends to the wider social reality. As of 2017, it has placed on a new basis its social contribution by establishing a framework of Corporate Social Responsibility through which a specific cause will be adopted every year.

This year the foundation will support premature infants by contributing to the visibility of the issue of prematurity. In Cyprus, one out of ten children are born prematurely, a fact that places the island in 13th place internationally, according to the World Health Organisation. The community outreach concerts “An Orchestra – A warm embrace” are especially dedicated to this cause and take place around the World Prematurity Day, which is on November 17.

An Orchestra – A Warm Embrace
Performance by the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra. November 16. Third Primary School of Deryneia. 8pm. Free. Tel: 220317488
November 17. Pallas Theatre, Nicosia. 8pm
November 20. Pattihio Elderly People’s Activity Centre, Limassol. 10.30am
November 21. Community Events Hall, Astromeritis, Nicosia. 8pm
November 22. Gymnasium of Ayia Varvara, Ayia Varvara, Nicosia 8pm
November 23. Community Cultural Centre, Ayia Marina Xyliatrou, Nicosia. 8pm
November 24. Cultural Centre, Polis Chrysochous. 8pm

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