Cancer deaths surge in Seranochori


The residents of Seranochori (Yayla) in the Morphou region are in uproar over the high cancer death rate in their village which exceeds 60% for a period of 20 years.

From 1997 to date, a total of 104 deaths occurred in the village, with 62 of them being cancer related. Meanwhile 20 more villagers are currently suffering from the disease.

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The villagers are furious with the authorities as they claim they are not paying the appropriate attention to the matter and have yet to conduct an in detailed investigation as to what is causing these deaths.

Villagers say that they suspect that there is more than one reason behind the high number of cancer cases in their village. Residents point to a large number of coal furnaces, two GSM base stations which are situated in the center of the village and also the use of pesticides by people without the necessary knowledge.

Residents say that smoke from the 42 coal furnaces covers the village during the early hours of the day, making life difficult for inhabitants. Aygun Aydingun, the head of the Seranochori Health and Research Association, told Turkish Cypriot reporters that these coal furnaces are illegal and need to be removed.

According to data collected by the Seranochori Health and Research Association there is a number of young villagers who are fighting with the disease, while the average of people dying from cancer is lowering.


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