Mental Health Commission warns of mass resignations


The Cyprus Mental Health Commission has threatened to resign en masse if it is not staffed with permanent personnel necessary for it to function properly.

The decision was relayed to the Health Minister George Pamboridis in a letter last week where the Commission expressed the need for appropriate staffing while noting that the current official employed at the Commission was not being paid according to regulations.

The Commission warned that if their demands are not they would “have no other choice other than to hand in their resignations.”

In its letter, the Commission notes that this long standing issue and despite repeatedly being addressed has never been solved.

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“According to the law, the Commission has its own staff.This provision of the law is not being met,” said the Commission

The Commission also says that in order for it to perform its role as described by the law, it requires the necessary staff.

For the past two years, it has been without general office staff to take care of the daily secretarial duties that are required.

According to relevant legislation, the secretary of the Commission should be a permanent public employee but since May 2014, secretarial duties have been undertaken by a Legal Services official.

The official uses much of her own personal time to ensure that the work is kept up to date while not being paid according to regulations.

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