North sees 600 new cancer cases in 2016


Turkish Cypriot health office head Faiz Sucuoglu announced that 600 new cancer cases appeared in 2016 in the north.

Sucuoglu said that, where as the world average for new cancer cases is at 200-232 for a population of 100,000 people, the north has seen some 600 new cases of cancer. Sucuoglu was speaking at a press conference held under the slogan “Give life a chance, not cancer”.

At the conference doctors talked about various aspects of the diseases and ways of preventing it.

Sucuoglu said that the conference aimed to raise awareness and provide information on developments surrounding cancer.

He indicated the uncontrolled circulation and use of medicine as one the main factors damaging people’s health.

“The biggest problem faced by cancer patients is that they have to travel abroad to receive treatment, which in some cases leads to the financial destruction of the patients,” said the head of the Help Those with Cancer Association Raziye Kocaismail.

Kocaismail said that patients wish to receive treatment near their homes, and the association wishes that there were an oncology facility in every hospital as there is in the south of the island.